What Type of Validation Does your RTO Need to Complete?

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Getting validation for your RTO (Registered training organization) can be tiring and confusing, especially when there are a lot of activities that need to be carried out to complete the RTO validation process.

Firstly they carry out the Pre-implementation validation which is a Quality Assurance process in which they analyze the material before they put it into use and confirm that the RTO standards are to be fulfilled,

It includes validation of mapping and validation of assessment.

What is the Validation of Assessment?

Validation is the quality review of the assessment process.

Assessment validation is the quality check of the assessment process and is generally conducted after an assessment is complete.

Validation of assessment is a process to confirm that the instructions have been written to collect the right type of evidence required by the training unit of competency. Validation of the assessment also confirms that the assessment has been designed to allow for the provision of sufficient evidence that is valid, reliable, authentic, and current to match the RTO standards.

But, Pre-implementation validation is not mandated by the Standards for RTOs 2015.

However, for RTOs based in Western Australia, note that the state-based regulator TAC expects that all assessment resources, whether purchased or designed internally, must be validated prior to use in accordance with the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence.

But the most important question is.

Why do RTOs Need to Conduct Validation?

It is very necessary to ensure that an RTO complies with ASQA’s (Australian skills quality authority) validation requirements in their RTO'S standard.

It is focused to aid you as a provider to regularly improve your assessment processes and results by singling out future improvisations.

The purpose of validation is :
  • To see that the assessments are as reliable as possible.
  • To make sure that the assessments are as valid as possible.
  • To guarantee that the assessments are designed and developed to meet the RTO'S requirements of the training product.
  • To gather all substantiation to support the competence of the candidate.
  • To adhere to the RTO's standard stating that RTO must follow assessment validation policy and RTO validation process.
The RTO due diligence is the most important task to be performed in assessment validation which can be attained when one or more qualified candidates can conduct the process who all are not tied to the assessment or delivery of the product.

The RTOs standard marks specific RTO validation requirements related to assessment validation, which ensures the making and execution of a proper plan for the continuous and structure of assessment, which includes all the products for training which RTO offers.

The validation of assessment for every training product needs to be run every five years and 50% of products need to be valid in the first three years of every five years.

Assessment Validation vs Moderation of Assessment

Moderation of assessment and validation of assessment, both are used in VET assessment to enhance the quality practices in an RTO.

1. Moderation of Assessment

Assessment moderation is a quality control process, which aims at getting assessment judgments into adjustments. The process included rechecking and collating different assessments to different providers to make sure that the standard does not differ.

This process can be done individually by an internal party of the organization or by an external individual third party.

During this process, a group of assessors meets and discusses sample assessments to establish consistency and ensure that their decisions are based on evidence. After all, they are addressing the reliability of the assessment process.

During that meeting, it is important to have Competent assessment samples. Assessment samples that are distinctly not yet competent. Assessment samples that are difficult to determine.

These factors can help in decision-making better. And can help in attaining perfection in the validation process.

2. Assessment Validation

When it comes to assessment validation, it focuses more on assessment processes itself rather than the comparison between two parties. It is more of a quality assessing tool that focuses on meeting the purpose which is designated to it.

The assessment validation tool ensures that continuous improvement should be taken by the providers to attain the perfection, by providers judging the assessment throughout as the due diligence of an assessment can not be taken lightly .


So many of the processes involved in attaining the validation can be tiring, and the most important thing is the quality of work which determines the future of the RTO but the good part is that you can get complete guidance and support throughout your RTO at one place, that is from RTO advisory perth.

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RTO advisory Perth also helps in the RTO business for sale. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to buying and selling an RTO. From assessing whether the RTO standards are being followed up to the demand of ASQA to notify the ASQA about the selling and the purchase of an RTO a lot is to be done to conduct the change of business ownership, which the best consultancy of Perth do with the 100% success rate.

As RTOs are registered establishments that deliver nationally authorized training. It makes them subject to significant scrutiny to safeguard their authorization under the watchful eye of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). There RTO experts conduct detailed studies to come up with advice that will propel your economic growth. Thus making your journey throughout alot easier.

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