6 Things One Must Know While Buying Training Resources For RTO

May 31, 2021    rtoadvisoryperth

A Registered Training Organisation can be highly efficient only when it gets a fine-quality training team and top training and assessment resources. You may have some of the industry’s best trainers in your group, but still, your quality of education may suffer if they use defective training materials. Therefore, you need to make sure that all of your staff members select only those assessment materials and training resources from a reputed VET resource publisher. 

Purchasing high-quality training materials is also pretty essential for an RTO’s survival and subsequent success. When you give quality, it will profoundly impact the RTO’s reputation, legal obligations, and outcome quality. According to a 2017 report by ASQA, around 80% of RTOs did not comply with Standard One at the audit.

Standard One is directly related to the assessment procedure and the overall character of your assessment tools. Suppose your RTO cannot maintain sufficient quality while identifying the various training and assessment tools you generally use. In that case, there is a high chance that you may lose your RTO registration. So, whenever you see a notice showing ‘RTO for sale in Perth,’ follow these steps while buying training resources.

1. Begin with a good resource for a complete unit:

You might have noticed this previously. Publishers and developers tend to show only a few of their best samples, pretending they represent every qualification. This is highly distracting and misleading at the same time for the buyer. A buyer may start thinking that they will get the training material of the same quality for every resource they generally purchase. To avoid such judgment error, you should have a sample of a particular unit from the specified qualification.

2. Make your sample assessment tool validated.

Most of the RTO failures are attributed to the low quality of assessment tools. Reputed RTO solution providers constantly get calls from the RTOs who have faced these problems using inadequate quality assessment tools. Well, you can easily avoid these risks by following some simple steps. If you diligently and adequately validate all these resources before use, you can effectively save your RTO from potential consequences like suspension or termination of registration. The rectification of insufficient resources is an expensive procedure, and at the same time, time-consuming too. So, you can save a considerable amount of your company’s money if you make the decision quite early.

3. Check for mapping documents for the assessment tools.

Assessment tools should come to you with a whole set of mapping documents. You should always make a check that. This step is mainly required to make sure that you have met all the unit requirements to avoid an expensive audit. Mapping documents will also help you conserve time to validate the assessment tools and support the compliance team and auditors to complete the audit.

4. Check whether the correct assessment method is used.

In most cases, ‘off the shelf’ assessment tools follow the non-compliant procedures for assessment to identify the learner competency. You must be very careful about the assessment task if it asks a student ‘how would you do this?’ or something like that, specifically if there is mapping to performance criteria (PCs) or performance evidence (PEs).

The only way you can prove competence in performance criteria is by actually completing the task. The evidence to prove competency in fulfilling the job must be in the form of an observation that accurately specifies the particular performance level for each practical skill. You can find many observation checklists that are only copied and paste versions of PEs and PCs from the unit. It may create problems in audit and result in non-compliance. 

5. You should check whether the learning resources support training requirements’ amount.

It is a very crucial tip to follow. Whenever you’re purchasing training resources for RTO, you should select from those learning resources that will prove that you have met the specific training requirements amount for the delivery qualification. For example, in Australia, any Certificate III course will require a minimum of 120 hours of vocational workplace training. Thus, ASQA will also wish to see whether your RTO holds adequate training and assessment resources for offering training and assessment, respectively.

The chosen training resources are also essential in the sense that whether you will prove this at audit or not. One tip you may find truly helpful. You may search for resources that use double spacing between lines and plenty of images to fill the space. These types of resources are usually light on content. You will also notice that the use of this type of formatting will double the page numbers. Several publishers use this trick to give an impression that their content is more than what they have.

6. You should see whether the content is correct, current, and comprehensive.

Last but not least, you should see the clarity of the content you are buying. One way is to find the correct and comprehensive material is by selecting those learning resource publishers and developers who appoint subject matter experts to get the authentic, reliable, and updated training materials. Training materials should include accurate learning materials and various instructional procedures like assessment tasks, session plans, assessment workbooks, learning guides, etc. Before you buy the training resources for RTOs, you should check all these.

Student assessment workbooks are a complete set of assessment tasks that the educators use to get an idea of student’s knowledge levels. Trainer assessor assessment materials are the materials that are designed for trainers. Trainers use different assessment materials like benchmark answers, assessor instructions to get tips essential to give training. There are also self-study guides that help students to develop a more passionate approach towards learning. In addition to these, there are mapping documents, learner guides, and PowerPoint Presentations in the training resources that help to make training more comprehensive.

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