How to Renew Your RTO Registration in Australia?

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RTO has to satisfy a wide range of regulations and obligations as adhering to legal obligations, ASQA standards, TAE delivery commitments, data group and provision, and more. Here is an explicit explanation of all the data you need to know about updating your RTO's ASQA registration.

Here you will understand How to renew your RTO registration.

All RTOs are subject to an ASQA registration expiry date. If you want to continue your training, you must contact them before your registration expires. They will receive your application at least 90 days before the expiration date of your registration. You wish to renew your RTO registration. Every provider on the national register,, contains an expiration date.

They have the right to refuse to renew your registration if you don’t submit a complete application at least 90 days before your expiration date.

Renewal is only available to RTOs that have performed training and assessments within their current registration period.

Application Process

There is a complete application process that you need to follow to Renew your RTO registration.

1. Check expiry date of RTO

To continue providing training, each RTO must submit their renewal application at least 90 days before the expiration of their registration. For your RTO registration to be valid, you must complete your training and evaluation during the registration period.

You may check the expiration date of your RTO on the provider's profile, On If you want a full registration and the complete the application, send it to asqa rto renewal before the deadline, with all the payment paid.

2. Limits of renewal

A renewal of RTO registration just extends the expiry date. It does not cover Adding, transitioning, or removing items from your scope of registration, such as qualifications, accredited courses, or units of competency in its scope. You can change the area of your RTO registration using a different application.

How ASQA Evaluate your Application

According to ASQA, they use a "risk-management strategy" while assessing renewal applications to preserve the calibre and standing of the Australian VET industry. It implies that they concentrate on identifying and mitigating the risks, such as training institutions that certify students with competencies that do not correspond to their knowledge, abilities, and attitudes.

To address difficulties with inadequate training, they address risks that can negatively influence stakeholders' confidence in the VET sector, particularly those that could cause harm or limit ASQA's ability to perform its duties.

ASQA will use the “Risk-management strategy” by applying -

1. Level of risk

There are two levels of risk managed by ASQA operational and strategic Risk.

  • Operational risk (providers): These are the risks that affect the entire industry or a sizable number of providers. The risks may relate to a specific VET subsystem subsector, certification, course, or delivery mode.
  • Strategic risk (Systematic): A significant systemic risk might necessitate a risk strategic assessment by ASQA.

To overcome the risks that arise in the process, there is a further step for the Risk framework.

2. Risk assessment

ASQA will ensure that your selected staff meets the requirements for fit and appropriate people, and your organization's business status is recorded here. All required information and evidence have been provided by Commission for Australian Securities and Investments (ASIC).

ASQA RTO Renewal Process

ASQA conducts a rigorous check of every renewal application. Before submitting the renewal application you must ensure that you:

  • Are carrying out all commitments to clients and students.

  • Have arrangements for governance and administration that are effective.

  • Provide high-quality training and assessment results according to the learner and industry demands.

  • Can meet needed criteria, especially if put through a performance evaluation (audit).

As a result of the absence of required data or supporting documentation, ASQA rejects a sizable number of applications as they are incomplete. Before applying for registration renewal, you may choose to evaluate your compliance using the Risk-assessment for initial RTO registration.

How to Submit your Renewal Application

  1. Choose VET/CRICOS Applications from the Registration menu in asqanet, or click the Registration: New application option on your asqanet home page.

  2. From the selection, select Application to renew RTO registration.

  3. Asqanet will walk you through the process to renew your RTO registration; just follow the steps.

Process of your Renewal Application

ASQA will examine your request to renew your RTO registration to ensure that you have met all the requirements. It will also consider:

your history as a training provider other sources of risk intelligence.

As part of this process, ASQA may ask you to provide an updated version of the Risk Assessment tool.

The Renewal Decision

RTO registration consultants are required to renew their registration at specified times.

When to renew your registration is the ultimate decision of the ASQA.

The outcome of your renewal application

Once ASQA has finished the evaluation process, it will send you a written decision. After it makes a decision, you will be notified within 30 days.

If ASQA approves your application

If ASQA accepts your request for renewal, it will give you:

A valid certificate of registration contains information about any particular restrictions it has placed on your registration.

If it rejects your application

It will tell you the decision and the reasons for the decision, in writing. RTO Advisory Perth can assist you in how to deal with the rejection decision.

Agree with its decision

There are various options available to you if you are not satisfied with an ASQA decision to file complaints and appeals.

The new expiry date of RTO

If your application is renewed without an audit risk assessment, the new RTO expiration date will be updated on the asqanet within 1-2 working days. The main details of an audit will typically be provided on within 10 working days of the application being approved.


To renew the RTO registration you must follow the RTO due diligence process complying with all the legal requirements. You should apply for the RTO renewal before the expiry of your current RTO registration.

RTOs must fulfil a wide range of obligations and requirements, such as adhering to legal obligations, ASQA standards, TAE delivery commitments, data gathering and provision, and more. Before applying for renewal you must know all the information about updating your RTOs ASQA registration.

We provide various services in respect of RTO, such as rto registration, rto renewal of registration, and  rto business for sale Perth. ASQA will apply a Risk assessment procedure to overcome the risks that can arise in the process of renewal of RTO registration.

The decision for the renewal application whether approved or rejected is provided by ASQA in writing within 30 days from the date of the decision taken.

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